How To Marry a Mile Millionaire

He proposed in Quebec City

He proposed in Quebec City

I often tease my fiancé that I’m marrying him for his millions. By millions, I’m not talking about dollars, yen, or rubles. While his and my day jobs as an actuary and an engineer, respectively, provide us with a comfortable enough earning in traditional currencies, my fiancé also managed to accumulate a small fortune in loyalty program miles and points. From Aeroplan, to Avios, to American Express Rewards, it is these points that give us the ability to join the jet set. With all of his knowledge on how to earn and use these points, I affectionately named him Mr. Pointster.

Mr. Pointster and I had been acquaintances during our undergrad years at Waterloo, with many mutual friends. By the time I ran into him at a Thanksgiving party in 2012, I had done a fair share of globetrotting myself: Australia, Southeast Asia, four trips to Europe, East Africa twice…etc. Through this time, I had learned a few tricks of the trade myself – enough so that our conversation at that party played out much like the meeting of George Clooney and Vera Farmiga’s characters in Up in the Air.

He told me then that he was planning to start a blog on how to maximize loyalty program rewards. We bonded over conversations about logo designs, writer’s block, and analysis paralysis. Over time, our friendship grew into something more, and his website grew into Our first big trip together was to Brazil and Argentina, where we fell in love over great steaks and great scenery. We are now engaged to be married, after an especially memorable proposal, and look forward to travelling through all stages of our shared life. While talks all about the best credit cards for each lifestyle and how best to earn and redeem loyalty program points, I started JetSetTrek to share the stories, advice, and quick tips on how to make the most of the resulting travel opportunities.

Of course, I’m not really marrying him for his miles – I’m doing it because I love him, and because he is the best companion for the long-haul journey that is our future. As a famous African proverb puts it: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

I hope you will enjoy journeying with us.